Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hey Guys!!!

I thought id share my recent MUA swap haul with you.

I swapped with a wonderful, fellow UK swapper.


I swapped a perfume and asked for some LUSH goodies in return, so this is what i got.

Mrs whippy bath ballistic
Dorothy bubble bar
Lemslip soap
Bubblegum lipscrub (this smells and tasted sooo good, i love it!!!)

The swapper that i swapped with also included some nice little extras for me, i got a hello kitty stationary set, a cute pink coin purse and she also included some mini novelty bubbles for my son, which i thought was sooo nice and really thoughtful, as it means she actually took the time to read my notepad to see that i had a son.

What have you guys swapped lately???


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