Monday, 2 May 2011

EOS Lipbalm

Have any of you tried these Lip Balms before??
As far as i know they are only available from the US,  unless you wanna try Ebay with their ridiculously hiked up shipping prices (im talking £8 in shipping for just ones of these baby's, ridiculous is not the word!!)

I currently have some of these on their way to me, i got someone to CP me some from the US, they retail over there for like $3.

I cant wait to get my hands on these, they look so cute, and come in various different flavours.

Some people say there just a gimmick because of the shape, and because people think they look cute they will buy them, i say what the heck, they are damn cute, and isnt packaging what usually draws us to a product anyway?? For $3 a pop i think everyone should give these a go, ill be doing a review for you all when i recieve them!

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