Saturday, 30 July 2011

Latest Haul

So i went out shopping with my mam, and came back with all these goodies!!

I was sooo happy as usually when i go shopping, i get nothing, I'm so picky when it comes to clothes, and also I'm 21 weeks pregnant, so i really didn't have ant hopes of coming home with anything.

Take a peek

 Gorgeous black suede wedge shoe boots, these were priced at £5 in the matalan clearance store, but when i got to the check out, and checked my receipt they actually went through at 90p!!!!! Yes, i still don't believe it either, has to be my biggest bargain ever!!!

 Grey shoe boots from New Look, they were in the sale for £10, i cant tell you how soft and comfortable these little beauty's are, i love them.

Yet another pair of shoes, again from new look, they were reduced to £8.
I really need to stop buying shoes, i have so many pairs I'm literally running out of room, at the last count, i had 68 pairs!!

Soft floaty shorts, I think these were £8 too, again in the sale.

Primark cropped cardigan for the bargain price of.....................£2!!!

New look mink coloured soft floaty top with button detail £10 in the sale.

New look peachy pinky floaty top, this was in the sale again for £12, i love love love it, so pretty, i also love the fact you can tie the black part into a bow to give it a different look.

New Look, plain black boyfriend cardigan, can never have to many cardigans plus i needed a new one for work anyway, this was £8 in the sale

New Look again, I'm loving this shop at the moment they have some great stuff in. This is just a nice simple, floaty vest top, love the colour block design, i think this was only £6 in the sale.

Matalan mink coloured floaty waterfall style cardigan, £4 in the sale.

New look grey mac, this is so beautiful, it was the last one on the rail when my mam spotted it for me, so glad it was my size! This was originally £30 but it was reduced down to £16, i just had to have it, lol.

New Look, plain white cropped jogging bottoms, i love to lounge about the house in these, they will be perfect for my expanding belly :o) 
They were only £5 in the sale.

New Look Khaki coloured combat/lounge pants

Elasticated hems, which are all in at the moment, so soft and comfy, again these are just for lounging around the house, i also got these in black too, they were £7 each in the sale.

New Look Emerald Green floaty sleeveless blouse, i love this, £10 in the sale.

Last but by no means least, some jewellery.
Bracelet - Primark - £1 in the sale.
Ring - £2 - TJ Hughes in the sale, I saw the exact same one in New Look for £5.
Gold tone leaf necklace - Primark - £1 in the sale.

All in all i had a great shopping day, I'm over the moon with everything that i bought, even better that everything was in the sale, i got some great bargains!!!

What Bargains have you guys bought lately??

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