Friday, 19 August 2011

Candles by Victoria in the UK!!!!!!

So I'm sure you have all heard of Candles by Victoria now, (if you haven't click the link below to head over to her website), they are handmade candles all the way from America.

I recently bought some Candles by Victoria from a wonderful swapper on makeupalley, shipping was expensive at $45 for a flat rate shipping box, but I love these candles so much that i was quite happy to pay the shipping for them. 

I first got my hands on a few of her scent shots in a swap through makeupalley, and have to say i instantly fell in love, they are THE BEST candles I've ever come across!!

I used to be a complete Yankee Candle addict, but now I'm totally converted to Candles by Victoria, she has over 650 scents to choose from, including bakery, fragrance, fruity, floral, Christmas and many many more!

She sells all different sized candles, scent shots, tart warmers, reed diffusers and much much more you really have to go and check her site out, I could spend hours on there.

The ones i bought took just over a week to come, and i received them today after a very long day at work, it totally made my day :o)

I bought 27 scent shots from her, and 5 jar candles, some have been used, so i got them all for a great price!

All packaged up in the flat rate box, this thing holds tons!!

All laid out nice and pretty, you can click to enlarge the picture.
The Scent Shots are individual 2 oz. tarts in individual plastic containers that you can pop out and put into a tart warmer/burner. It's a great way to try out their scents before you commit to a full size candle!

Everything i got here are all new scents to me, I've never tried them before, but cant wait to get burning!
Ive smelt them all cold, and they smell absolutely Divine.

Jar Candles I received
Check out how cute her labels are!
I got the in the following scents:

*Smores Galore
*Kim's Country Cornbread
*Rae's Hot Coco and Marshmallows

All the scent shots I got, click to enlarge pic and see the scents I got.

A quick pic just to show you the size of the Scent Shots, I usually cut these into 4 pieces and burn one piece each time.

My favourites from what i have tried already are Caramel Corn, Bath time with pooh (a dupe for a very well know soap) and I am a rockstar, which i think has been re-named heavy metal (again this is a dupe for a very well known soap)
All of these scents that I've tried are spot on, especially the soap scents.

If any of you get the chance to swap or buy any of these, id urge you to go for it, especially if your already into candles, these knock Yankee Candle out the door without a doubt!!


  1. I wish these were available in the UK. The sweet treat ones look amazing

  2. i know, i seriously love her stuff!!! I have another HUGE collection of her stuff coming in the next few weeks, so ill be doing another blog post about them!!
    Theres so many US candles vendors that i would love to try but getting them to the UK is a nightmare!!

  3. I LOVE the fact that one of the scent shots you got is called Leesha. I adore Xsparkage. Also, dying for these to come to the uk.