Wednesday, 31 August 2011

ELF UK Haul, swatches & Review

My first ever ELF UK Haul

Ive heard so many things about this brand from both people in the UK and the US, so when i heard they were having a 50% off sale i had to give them a try.

Here's what I got

So let me just start off by saying, that their website is really easy to use, and its really simple to order, although quite a few things were out of stock that i would have loved to of tried, but this is a 50% off sale after all, so really what can we expect, I'm sure thousands of us were all ordering at the same time!

My package took about 10 days to arrive, which is a little long, but again this is usually what happens when a great sale is on.

My package came and i was super excited to check out all the goodies i just bought, but when i opened the box 3 of my items were missing, they were on my invoice and id been charged for them but they were nowhere to be seen! I quickly emailed ELF customer service through a link on their website, and let them know the situation, and they were great about it, the sent me replacements out straight away.

So back onto the goodies i got:
Don't they look all pretty just lying there, lol.
I got the following:

* Golden Bronzer
* Complete Coverage Concealer palette in Medium
* Beauty School Eyeshadow palette in Natural
* 5 Nail polishes in, innocent, lilac, gum pink, golden goddess, and mint cream. 
* Studio Conditioning Lip balms in Peaceful Pink, Nice and Natural and Mellow melon
* Cream Eyeliner in Black
* Lipsticks in Natural Nymph and Nicely Nude
* Studio Matte Lip colour in Coral
* Concealer Brush

Now onto some Swatches and my thoughts
This is the Golden Bronzer which i really like, it comes with four different shades in it and i like how the packaging looks, (very NARS like)the pigmentation is pretty good on this too.

This is the full coverage concealer palette in 'medium'
It comes with 4 different shades and its own little brush which is quite handy, it also has a mirror inside the compact too.
These shades go great with my skin tone, and i love the fact you get 4 shades in, so you can custom blend to suit. The concealer itself is great too, I've been wearing it for the past 2 weeks, especially under my eyes (too many late nights) and it has covered perfect, its super smooth and glides on, it stays on me all day and i don't find that it settles in creases and fine lines.

 Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral
The packaging is very similar to that of MAC shade sticks, you twist the top for the colour to come out, super soft and silky, just glides on. Comes in a range of colours.

 Cream eyeliner in Black
I love this, its super black, really soft and buttery when applying, dries quickly and lasts all day on me, the packaging is cute on this too, also comes with its own little brush.

 Lipstick and Studio Conditioning lip balms with SPF 15
From top to bottom
Natural Nymph Lipstick
Nicely Nude Lipstick
Peaceful Pink Conditioning lip balm
Nice and Natural Lip balm
Mellow Melon Lip Balm
The lipsticks are nice, they feel super silky when applying too, the tinted lip conditioners are great, i love them all, there comparable to MAC lip conditioners, the peaceful pink one reminds me a little of MAC Hello Kitty   tinted lip conditioner in Pink Fish, obviously its not an exact dupe but its close enough. They com with SPF 15 in them too, which is great for in the summer, the packaging is the same as the cream eyeliners but these are HUGE!! Its quite difficult to get the product out if you have long nails as it just has a small round opening on the top.

 Beauty School Eyeshadow Palette in Natural
This palette is super cute, also comes with its own little brush, the pigmentation of these shadows are great, the swatches above are with no primer, so these will really pop if you use a primer before hand.
This is a perfect little palette for day or night, you have a lovely black in there too, to smoke your eyes up for a night out, perfect!

I didn't have time to swatch all the nail polishes, but here's a pic of me wearing Mint Cream, its GORGEOUS!!

Overall I'm quite happy with my haul, i spend £24 on everything, and I'm really surprised by the quality of everything, i will definitely be purchasing more ELF products in the future!!

Do you have any ELF favourites, let me know.

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