Friday, 21 October 2011

My New Makeup Storage

Just a quick post to show you all my new makeup storage.
i finally caved in and bought the ALEX unit from ikea, i thought it was a bit pricey at £81.99, but still went ahead and bought it after seeing numerous YouTube videos.

I got the 9 draw system, it comes with 5 narrow draws and 4 bigger draws, its a really solid sturdy piece of furniture and it holds loads!

Quick pic of the stuff i have on the top.
Pink plastic drawers which currently have my jewellery in them, perfumes, brushes, brush cleaner, mirror etc.

1st draw has all my pigments in, the majority of them are MAC, but theres also some Barry m, Ben Nye and naked pigments in there too.
You can see at the back i have a few products that i haven't opened yet.

2nd draw is my face stuff, like foundations, blushers, bronzers, concealers, primers, highlighters, MAC msfs etc.
i have a grey tray in from ikea too, its a cutlery tray that was 49p, and it works pretty well for me right now, i have one in a few of the draws.
You'll also notice my urban decay Alice in wonderland palette and unopened lash blast mascara in there, again this is just because i didn't have any room in the other draws for them.

3rd draw is all my lip products, the 3 boxes at the front are from the LUSH secret Santa gift sets that i got at Xmas time, they are perfect for my lipsticks, and they fit perfectly in the draw.
Again i have an ikea cutlery tray in this draw too, which holds my regular lip glosses, and squeeze tube lip glosses.

4th draw and probably the most jam packed, is my eye draw, this has all my Mac palettes, which you cant really see in pic as there hiding right at the back, MAC quads, nyx, wet n wild, ELF, false lashes, eyeliners (liquid, pencil and gel) paint pots, mascaras etc, you get the picture lol.

5th draw is all my LUSH goodies, this draw makes my room smell gorgeous all the time!!

6th draw is a bit of a mess, but its all my nail polishes, treatments, nail art etc.

7th draw is all candles, i have bigger jar candles at the back and smaller ones to the front, with tarts and scent shots, they are all Yankee candles and candles by Victoria

.8th draw is all my body lotions, self tan, hair products etc.

Last draw is my pink draw lol, it mainly has all my soap and glory items in, as i got a HUGE box set for Xmas of my boyfriend.
Also has a few bath and body works products and lee Stafford mini hair items.

So what do you guys think??
Overall I'm very happy with it, it enables me to access my makeup much better than before as i had it all bundled into ikea fira wooden boxes, which weren't the best storage but did at the time.

Link me to your makeup storage.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

ELF Duo Eyecreams

I received these in my last ELF Haul when they had their 50% off sale, i bought them because I've heard a lot of people say there really good.

I thought id give them a go for eyeshadow bases.

They come in basic black screw top packaging, you get two colours in each pot, i bought the following colours:

*Butter Pecan
*Sugar Cookie
*Berry mix

Here's swatches, swiped on the back of my hand with no primer

I'm pleasantly surprised by these, i thought they would be super sheer with no pigmentation at all, boy was i wrong!!
I really like these, the colour payoff is great, they glide on, and there super soft. I think if you added these over the top of primer they would pop even more.

I paid 75p each for these, and really cant complain at all, i would pay full price for them too.
Overall ELF has some great products, and i personally think this is one of them!

Swap Package!!

So I'm an active member of
Its a swap site, which I'm sure you have all heard of, if not go check it out and sign up!

I arranged a swap with a wonderful swapper from Canada.
We set a price, and gave each other a list of things we would like to try, i picked things that i cant get in the UK.

Now i received this a few weeks ago now but have just getting round to posting it, check out all these goodies, i swear i was like a kid at Christmas, this has got to be one of the best swaps I've ever done!!!

Everything was beautifully wrapped, but I've opened them already.

These are the swap items i asked for, she managed to get me everything i asked for so i was super happy.

These are all the extras that she included, how nice is that!!!
The bath and body works set in Paris amour smells absolutely gorgeous, i wish we could get these in the UK.

Let me know what your best swaps have been.