Wednesday, 12 October 2011

ELF Duo Eyecreams

I received these in my last ELF Haul when they had their 50% off sale, i bought them because I've heard a lot of people say there really good.

I thought id give them a go for eyeshadow bases.

They come in basic black screw top packaging, you get two colours in each pot, i bought the following colours:

*Butter Pecan
*Sugar Cookie
*Berry mix

Here's swatches, swiped on the back of my hand with no primer

I'm pleasantly surprised by these, i thought they would be super sheer with no pigmentation at all, boy was i wrong!!
I really like these, the colour payoff is great, they glide on, and there super soft. I think if you added these over the top of primer they would pop even more.

I paid 75p each for these, and really cant complain at all, i would pay full price for them too.
Overall ELF has some great products, and i personally think this is one of them!

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