Saturday, 31 December 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy

YAY, I finally received my China Glaze polishes that i posted about a few posts below.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE China Glaze polishes but there so hard to find here in the UK so i get the shipped from the US.

Just look at how glittery they are, seriously these pictures do not capture just how glittery they are!

Usually when i get a glitter polish I'm left hugely disappointed because most are really thin and watery and need about 6 coats to get the full effect, but not these babies, I've already worn the purple shade and i only had to apply 2 coats for a rich, thick, solid glitter colour.

I absolutely love these, they all have different shapes of glitter in them, circle, dots, hexagons, strips etc, these are seriously packed to the brim with glitter!

These look amazing as a solid colour on the nails, but i also love them for Nail Art too, they look great just on the tips!

Recent Swap-OCC Lip Tars

So i recently arrange a swap for some OCC Lip Tars by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.

I love these, and cant seem to find them in the UK, you can order direct from the OCC website, but at $13 a pop its pretty expensive.

These aren't a new product, they have been all over the Internet for ages now, but its took me this long to get some lol. They come in a wide range of shades, and are made for mixing together to create custom lip colours, great if you are a make up artist.

Now let me start off by saying that these samples do not travel well, i got them shipped from the US, and they came in little 5g screw top jars.

When i received the package and opened it, they had literally leaked all over, i managed to save some, but lost quite a few too.

I managed to do some swatches with what was left in the jars

Most of these are quite natural and can be worn as they are, the lighter ones would look great mixed with some of the darker colours below.

I Love these Lip Tars, and I'm gutted that most of them leaked in transit as i would have loved to have mixed loads of my own custom shades.

I will definitely be looking to get my hands on some full size ones of these in the future.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Oh yes, i think i have an addiction to LUSH!!

I went a bit mad and bought half the LUSH shop.

I got all of this in the boxing day sale, you are probably looking thinking 'what the hell' 'why buy all of that' but i do this every year, i go out on boxing day and buy a ton because i DO NOT buy any LUSH throughout the whole year.

 I personally wouldn't pay full price for most LUSH items because i think there pretty expensive.

This will last me until next boxing day, maybe even longer, my little boy loves LUSH too, and it makes bath time fun for him!

Hope you all had a good xmas

Just a quick post to say i hope you all had a great Christmas.

It was a very difficult one for all my family this year, as we are still mourning the loss of my beautiful baby boy Kaiden, however we have had to be strong and still celebrate as i also have a 4 year old son.

My little boy got spoilt rotten as usual lol, and he had a great day.
We lit a candle for Kaiden, and went to his grave on Christmas day to lay some flowers and gifts.

I got spoilt this year off my boyfriend and got some lovely gifts one of which is this beauty below
Soap and Glory Big Splendour Gift Set from Boots.

I have to say we did get spoilt off the rest of the members of our family and we got some money to treat ourselves in the sales.

Hope you all had a great day and got everything you wanted.


ELF mint cream with Barry m crackle over the top and a multi glitter top coat.
Hope you like :o)

Thursday, 15 December 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection!!!

Check out these babies!!!
This is the China Glaze 'Eye Candy' Collection.

A set of 6 dazzling glitter colours, they are jam packed with all different shapes of glitter, they look absolutely gorgeous!
Ive just bought this set from a blog sale and cannot wait to get it, its being shipped to me from the US.

I absolutely LOVE china glaze polishes, and wish they were more readily available in the UK.

I will be sure to do swatches as soon as i get them to share with you all.

In the mean time here's some more pretty pics of this collection, pics courtesy of google.