Saturday, 31 December 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy

YAY, I finally received my China Glaze polishes that i posted about a few posts below.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE China Glaze polishes but there so hard to find here in the UK so i get the shipped from the US.

Just look at how glittery they are, seriously these pictures do not capture just how glittery they are!

Usually when i get a glitter polish I'm left hugely disappointed because most are really thin and watery and need about 6 coats to get the full effect, but not these babies, I've already worn the purple shade and i only had to apply 2 coats for a rich, thick, solid glitter colour.

I absolutely love these, they all have different shapes of glitter in them, circle, dots, hexagons, strips etc, these are seriously packed to the brim with glitter!

These look amazing as a solid colour on the nails, but i also love them for Nail Art too, they look great just on the tips!

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