Sunday, 15 January 2012

Just a quick post to explain why i haven't posted in a little while.

As some of you who have read my blog may already be aware, my family and i suffered a HUGE blow at the end of last year.
I gave birth to a beautiful sleeping angel born on 13/11/11.

We were all in a huge state of dis-belief and shock, but had to be strong as i have a little boy of 4 years and needed to be there for him.

Although we will never ever get over what happened to our gorgeous baby boy, and still feel the pain each and everyday, we were looking forward to the new year, we thought new year, new beginnings, and hopefully get ourselves and the rest of the family back on track.

Fast forward to 2012 and that hope was shattered!
I received a phone call at 2.40am on the morning of 9/1/12 from my mam, with the devastating news that my Nana had passed away.

I was heart broken and distraught, and thought this could not be happening.
My Nana was 80 years old and in a care home, i immediately went to see her as soon as i got the phone call.
All of the family were there, and it was so hard and heartbreaking to watch them all go through even more pain and grief after my sons funeral in November.

I crumbled and broke down, i couldn't handle it, the last time i saw my Nana was Christmas day and now she has gone, i torture myself everyday for not going to see her after Xmas, but i had a cold and was advised not to go in case i passed something onto her.

We were told she passed away in her sleep and didn't suffer any pain, i went in her room to see her, and she looked so small, but peaceful, she had had enough, it was her time to go.

I have now found some peace knowing that my wonderful Nana will be up in heaven taking care of my precious baby boy.

RIP NANA - You will forever be in my heart.

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