Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back from my Travels.....

So I'm back from my little trip to Disneyland Paris.

We had a good time, but the weather was absolutely freezing, it was -10 degrees!!!!
I seriously don't know how we managed to walk around the parks for so long.

Alot of the rides were closed because it was so cold, which was a shame as i would have loved to go on them.

We got a timetable of what was going to be on during the day, and my little boy was super excited to see that Rapunzel (from Disney's tangled) was set to make an appearance, so we promised we would go and see her, she was due to show up at 12pm outside of 'its a small world'. We got there a few minutes early, but come 12.20pm she was still nowhere to be seen, we asked a park member what was going on and he simply told us 'shes running late'. I was pretty peeved at this point, people pay good money to go and see these characters in Disney, so there is no excuse to be 'running late'! Anyway we continued to wait, it was so cold we had to keep moving on the spot, i could see alot of other parents getting angry and annoyed and children getting upset.
At 12.40pm Rapunzel still hadn't shown up, so we asked another member of staff what was going on as people have been waiting since 12pm to see her and its timetabled in that she would make an appearance, this member of staff told us that 'shes not coming because its too cold', i was absolutely livid, we had stood for 40minutes in the freezing cold, getting our sons hopes up that he was going to meet his fave princess to have to break his heart and say she wasn't coming!!

All the family's we spoke to were livid too, how can they say shes not coming because its too cold, when there are tons of children standing in the cold waiting to see her. it was damn cold for them too, but they didn't complain, for a place like Disneyland to come up with such a pathetic excuse is ridiculous, its supposed to be a magical, dream like place for children, and the price we pay to get in and see the characters we do not want to be fobbed off with pathetic excuses for not doing your job properly!!!

Anyway i said i would show you guys some pics from my trip, but i hardly took any, it was too cold to even take your hands out of your gloves, i had to put heat pack in them to stop my hands falling off lol.

I did manage to take a sneaky few from my i-phone so here we go
My son meeting Mickey Mouse, (somehow it didn't seem to be too cold for him) lol.

 Pretty Castle :o)
 To infinity and beyond!
 It was that cold the ponds and water features were frozen solid, you can see the ducks sliding on the ice.
Jack and the beanstalk.

My son got tons of toys and i picked up a few goodies from the local shopping centre which i will feature in another post.

Overall i would say the trip was OK, i wouldn't be in a hurry to go to the Paris one again, although it would probably be better if the weather was warmer, i personally feel that this one isn't a patch on the Florida one. The prices in Disneyland Paris are ridiculous too, it was 4euros for a can of coke, and 7euros for a sandwich, if you are planning a visit i would definitely say take your own food, we filled my sons backpack up with pop and snacks, even though id heard you aren't allowed to take food in, well the backpack did get searched but they were absolutely fine and let us straight in.

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