Saturday, 18 August 2012

Gift mail!!!

Sorry I've not updated my blog in like forever lol, I've not been too well lately, but hopefully I'll be able to keep posting now and then!!

I just wanted to show you all some lovely gift mail I received back in may from a wonderful friend from the states!!

I was seriously blown away!!
She sent me 10 sinful colors polishes!!!
Ive never been able to get my hands on these in the UK before, but a few friends have been telling me that our very own 'poundworld' has started selling them, they only have limited colours, but its a start right!!

The top 5 colors are from the neon collection i believe, and seriously this picture doesn't do them justice, they are so much more brighter and vivid in real life!! The bottom 5 are just randoms but i seriously love them all, and I'm glad I've got a glitter in there, she knows how much i LOVE my glitters LOL!!!

Let me know what your fave sinful colors polishes are!!