Thursday, 1 November 2012

A few snaps from halloween

Hope you all had a fab Halloween.
We decided to have a party this year, and invited all our nearest and dearest to join us and get dressed up.

We had a blast and the kids enjoyed it too!!

I thought id post a pic of what me and my boyfriend and son dressed as, i had originally went with a corpse bride idea, then changed it to little dead riding hood (bought the outfit too) only to change it to a creepy doll at the last minute lol.

Overall we were all very happy with our outfit choices!!

My Outfit was pretty simple, i bought a simple dress from Ebay (bargain) and then did my own makeup.

My boyfriend dressed as beetle juice, we got the original wig and costume again from Ebay, and the painted his face.
He decided to cut open lots of glow sticks and throw them all over himself, and i have to say the effect was absolutely brilliant, he was glowing for hours lol!!!
Last but by no means least, my beautiful boy dressed as a vampire!!
I had tons of ideas for him, but he doesn't like anything too scary so we settled on a cute little vampire, and he looked fab!!

Close up of my Halloween makeup.

What did you all get dressed up as for Halloween?? Link me to your pics!!

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