Thursday, 18 April 2013

Product Empties #2

This is my second Empties post, and i have to say I'm really enjoying them, i love looking back on what I've used up, and it helps me decide whether or not id repurchase products.
So here we go, the products i have used up in the last couple of months.

I store all my empty products in this little basket until I've collected enough to do a post.

*Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Shower gel
I received this in a swap a while ago, i also got the body lotion and the body spray, and i absolutely love the scent, BBW is not available anywhere near me so I'm kinda sad to see this little gem go because i loved it so much, if i had the chance i would definitely purchase this scent again.

*Babylis & Harding Smoothing Body Polisher
I got this in a gift set at Christmas time, its in the scent Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit, and although it smells really nice, i wasn't overly impressed with the product itself, its an exfoliater but to me its not rough enough to actually exfoliate you, don't get me wrong it wasn't really bad and if you like light gentle exfoliaters then this ones for you, but for me personally i like a bit of a rougher one, i like exfoliaters to actually feel like there doing something to my skin.

*Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom and Rice Milk Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream
This is a product i received in one of my glossy boxes, and probably one of the only glossy box items that I've completely used up (I am trying to get better, promise, lol) I cannot rave enough about this cream, i used it throughout my pregnancy and afterwards, its rich, thick, ultra moisturising and the scent is to die for!
It soaks into the skin beautifully and leaves your skin amazingly soft, i literally slathered this all over my pregnant belly, i highly highly recommend this item to you all.

*Nivea Pearl Beauty 48hr Deodorant
This is a product that i always repurchase, it has a nice fresh clean scent, doesn't irritate my underarms and keeps me nice and dry.

*Sensodyne Rapid Relief Toothpaste
I got this from my dentist whilst i was pregnant as i suffered horrendous sensitivity in my teeth, literally anything i ate or drank would set my teeth off, i have always suffered sensitivity in my teeth with all of my pregnancy's and trust me its not fun, I used this toothpaste morning and night, its in the fresh mint flavour and the results were amazing, i could finally eat and drink properly again. 
If any of you suffer from sensitive teeth i would recommend asking your dentist for a sample of this.

*LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel
If you've been reading my blog for a while then you will know how much i love this product, I stock up every year in the LUSH boxing day sale. Its my favourite scent from LUSH its so sweet and creamy, smells like candy, a true girly scent (even though my boyfriend loves this, haha)
I find this quite moisturising, and you literally only need a tiny bit under running water to create a mountain of bubbles. I also like to use this as a shampoo every now and again, it makes my hair nice and soft and of course smell amazing!!
This is one item that i don't think i will ever tire of repurchasing, at least not in the near future anyway.

*Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel
This is my 3rd soap & glory item I've featured in my empties posts, I'm a massive fan of the brand and always get the huge sets that come out every year, at the moment i have a pretty large collection of this stuff and I'm really enjoying using them all up.
This is a super creamy shower gel, lightly fragranced with the signature soap & glory scent.
I really enjoy using this to shave my legs with, its really lightweight making the razor glide over and when you rinse it off your skin is left feeling silky smooth.

*Radox Bath Smoothies in Soul Searcher
This Berry scented bath smoothie smelt so good i wanted to drink it lol, it smells like the fruitiest creamiest milkshake ever. I enjoyed using this product but i didn't find anything overly great about it, and if I'm honest i still prefer the good old original Radox bath products.

*ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder in Honey
I love this powder, its so cheap and works really well for me, i like to set my make up with it and it works great, its keeps my oily t-zone at bay and doesn't look cakey on my skin. The shade 'Honey' is spot on for my skin tone and i use it daily.
I have just repurchased 4 more of these, so i shouldn't be running out anytime soon!!

*Nail Polish Remover Pads
I got these in a swap from a lady in the US, they a fruity scented and i have to say i was highly impressed with them. I didn't have very high hopes for these and i thought id need to use loads just to get my polish off, but they are amazing, i can take a full manicure off with just one of these pads, they are also very moisturising and don't dry your nails out whatsoever. They are also alot easier than my good old cotton wool and nail polish remover and you don't get any fuzzies left on your nails which is a huge plus in my book!!

*Streetman Candle Company Scent Shot/Tart in Blueberry Cobbler
I love my candles and was tarts and this one was no exception, i love blueberry scents anyway and this one was no different, it scented up the whole room and the scent lasted for a good 6 hours, i always cut my tarts up into 4 pieces, so that's 24hrs of fragrance from one full tart.
I will never bore of my wax obsession and will always try out different scents from different companies.

*Nenes Kitchen Melts in Children's Room
This is another wax tart/melt that I've burned recently and all i have to say about this is 
The scent is straight up Johnson's baby powder, and me having had a baby boy in February, the scent is perfect, i mean who doesn't love fresh baby scent.

*I-Care Make up Remover Wipes
I featured these in my last empties post here
click to see my thoughts on them.


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