Friday, 22 November 2013

MAC Nocturnals Holiday Sets Haul

I recently purchased these MAC gift sets from Debenhams online whilst they had their 10% off beauty offer.

They are the from Nocturnal Holiday Sets and they are absolutely gorgeous!!
I got 2 of the pigment sets and 1 of the lip gloss sets.

The lip gloss set i got was the pink shades, it was a toss up between this one and the corals, but after seeing swatches of the coral set I'm glad i went with this one.
It comes with 4 lip glosses, 1 dazzleglass and 3 cremesheens 
The shades from top to bottom are as follows:

*Dressed to Dazzle
*Fashion Scoop
*Petite Indulgence
*Colour Saturation

I think these are a perfect size and the colours are right up my alley, i also absolutely adore the packaging and think they would make an ideal Xmas gift for the beauty lover.

Next up we've got the Pigment set in Black and Gold.
Lets start off by saying i absolutely love mac pigments, i already have a huge collection and didn't really need more (but i just had to have them, lol)
I already own 2 shades from this set, but still went ahead and bought it for the other 3 shades, the price really is a great deal, you get this full set for £25.50, plus i also got the 10% off, and it worked out so much cheaper than buying the colours that i don't have in full size, and honestly how often do you use up a full mac pigment?!
The shades that you get in this set from top to bottom are:
*Museum Bronze
*Gold (Glitter)
*Copper Sparkle
*Black (Glitter)

I think my fave from this set is Museum Bronze, its truly AMAZING!!

The second set of Pigments i got was the Green and Teals.
I initially only picked up this set for the 3D Gold Glitter, but the rest of this set is gorgeous too!!
I love wearing greens on my eyes anyway so this was perfect for me!
The colours in this set from top to bottom are as follows:
*Reflects Gold (Glitter)
*Old Gold
*3D (Glitter)
*Deep Blue Green
*Just Before Dawn

All of these pigments from both sets are amazingly pigmented, super smooth and just apply like an absolute dream!!
I like to apply the glitters over Duo as a base to help them adhere and get a stronger look.

Overall i am so happy and impressed with these 3 kits that i purchased, and cannot wait to use them around the party season!!


  1. what do you use to apply the pigments?

  2. i just apply them over an eyeshadow base, such as urban decay primer potion or elf's eyelid primer, for the glitter when i wear them i like to apply them on top of some Duo eyelash glue to make the stick. xx