Friday, 27 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hey everyone let me start off by saying i hope you all had a great Christmas and got to spend lots of time with your loved ones.
We had a lovely day this year and had all the family round to our house for Dinner.
I thought id do a quick post to show you what i received for Christmas.

I was spoilt rotten again this year and i absolutely love all my gifts!!
Most of the Things above are from my Boyfriend, (minus the fizz set, that was from my sister) because i receive money from the rest of my family on Christmas as i like to go to the boxing day sales.

I got a gorgeous fluffy star print dressing gown which i love, and it is super super soft
Ernest Jones White Gold and Diamond Family Locket to hold precious photos of my 3 gorgeous boys
 (not many of you may know but i am actually a mother to 3 boys not just 2.) 
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Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Set
Juicy Couture Couture Couture Perfume
Britney Fantasy Perfume
Fizz wine set
Money in the Red Envelope
A Ring?????
2 pairs of flat shoes
Soap and Glory Yule Monty Set
Socks (lots, haha!!)
Also i got a ton of sweets and chocolates which are not pictured, mainly because I've ate half of them already LoL!!!

We also got a puppy for Christmas although that was more for my son as he has been asking for a dog for the longest time!! 
His little face was an absolute picture on Christmas morning when he saw that Santa had brought him a dog, couldn't wipe the smile off his face all day long!!
We got a Jacahuahua and hes so cute and tiny!!
He is nameless at the moment but i shall update when we choose a name for the little fella.

A close up of the beautiful locket that i got, i absolutely love it!!
(Sorry for the bad quality picture it was taken on my phone)

Oh after i opened all of my gifts, i was handed this, it was wrapped up and when i opened it i immediately fell in love with the box, its a solid polished metal with a gorgeous pearlescent finish to the top half, and a gorgeous diamante heart opening.
When i opened it i was Blown Away, i was presented with this gorgeous beauty below and asked these four words.
Will You Marry Me!!!!

Naturally i said yes, and we are now officially engaged!!!!