Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas 2013 Beauty Swap

So me and a friend from the US whom i met through YouTube decided to do a Christmas Beauty Swap.
We set a budget and went about shopping for each other.

If your a regular reader of my blog then you will be aware of my love of doing swaps, i especially love doing them around the holiday/Christmas season because who doesn't love surprises to open on Christmas!!

My swap didn't get to me in time for Christmas day but came just a few days after, i couldn't get it out of my post mans hands fast enough lol.

This is what i saw when i opened the package, everything was so beautifully wrapped, a box of total holographic goodness.

all the pretty parcels laid out, i love how she used organza bags to put things in as well, I'm a huge sucker for pretty packaging, and  i can definitely re-use them.

So i reached for and opened this black bag first as it wasn't wrapped, and was just sitting on top of the box.

All of these goodies were inside, Bonne Belle Lip glosses, NYC blushable creme sticks (which I've heard great things about) Bonne Belle Lip lites shimmer balms and Maybelline Metal Colour Tattoos, which are literally my favourite cream shadows!!

Next up was this lovely purple bag with 2 parcels inside, they were wrapped in beautiful blue holographic paper with gorgeous snowflake stickers on.

Perfectly wrapped!!

and these were the goodies inside, i was so excited to see the NYX butter glosses as I've wanted to try them for the longest time, i love all the colours she sent me and and they smell absolutely amazing!! She also got me my first ever Zoya nail polish in a gorgeous pinky metallic shade, the polish is such a special and unique gift, look at the pic below to find out why.

Yep, she got me a polish in the shade 'Suzanne' that's my name!! i honestly couldn't believe it when i saw it, and couldn't wipe the smile from my face. I think its such a thoughtful gift, and any lady who's into nails would love this as a gift!!

Next up was these two lovely parcels, isn't the wrapping just adorable.

Inside the long tube like one was more of my beloved maybelline colour tattoos, i got a total of 13 in this swap and i already own quite a few so i do have a few duplicates in this swap. She also got me 2 NYX Palettes which i cant wait to play around with.

The one on the left is Beautiful Green Eyes, and the one to the right is Sexy Blue Eyes 
 (although on the actual palette this one says Mysterious Brown Eyes)
Both of these palettes are from the For Your Eyes Only Collection.

Next i grabbed for the last Bag that had 2 lovely pink parcels in.

Imagine my shock when i unwrapped this!! I couldn't believe she actually bought me this palette!!
I am a huge urban decay fan and their shadows are my absolute fave, the pigmentation of them is unreal.
I cannot wait to play with this palette, I've seen tons of tutorials on youtube so will definitely be giving some of them a go!
I have actually ended up with two Vice palettes now as i did order one a few days before Christmas, so if anyone is interested in purchasing one then please message me.

The gorgeous shades in the palette which also comes with one of their double ended brushes which are really good quality.

The last thing in the swap was this cute little too faced 'beauty blogger darlings' set.

It comes complete with 4 of their best selling items, primed and poreless skin smoothing face primer, shadow insurance eye primer, better than sex mascara (such a rude name, ha?!!), chocolate soleil matte bronzer which smells gorgeous by the way!!

This has been an amazing beauty swap and i love everything that i got, i can definitely see myself using every single thing. Swaps that go as smoothly as this are just the best and I'm sure i will continue to do many more swaps in the future!

I just want to say a huge thank you to Janice, you did amazing and i hope you love everything i sent to you!