Saturday, 28 June 2014

Primark Beauty - False Nails

I had to do a post on these false nails from Primark as they are my absolute faves, and you cannot beat the price!! 

I've been buying their false nails for a couple of years now and my absolute faves are their square French manicure ones. 

They have recently expanded their range and now include a huge amount of pre-designed ones, so if your a fan of nail art I highly suggest you pick some up!

I picked up some plain nude square style ones, this is the shape I love, I'm not too keen on the whole pointed nail trend.

They come with 24 nails in various sizes and nail glue. I do use the glue that comes with these and it's actually really good and long wearing. 
I love the fact that these nails are small in size as in 'width' not length because I have really small dainty hands and nails and have always struggled with false nails being to wide on my fingers and having to file the majority of the nail down, which kind of makes the nail lose it's shape.
These fit my nails perfect and I can get up to 2 weeks wear out of these, I'm not overly hard on my hands but I do work in an office and have two kids and a dog so my hands r pretty much 'at work' all the time so I think the staying power of these are great!
I've listed all my pros about these nails below, and honestly I can't think of a con.
These get a HUGE thumbs up from me and I would 100% recommend them!!
* amazing price
* huge range of designs/styles
* good quality/don't feel cheap
* great glue and lasting power
* 24 nails per pack

I will always continue to buy these for as long as they sell them!! 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

MAC 3d glitters haul.

When i heard that MAC were coming out with a full set of new 3d glitters, i knew i had to have them.
I do love glitter after all!!

There are 7 glitters in the collection and naturally i purchased them all
You really do have to see these in person to see the full holographic beautiful-ness!

I am absolutely dying to use these, although i have read that there not supposed to be used on eyes which I'm slightly gutted about as that was my sole intended purpose, however I'm still going to try.
They can also be mixed with nail polish to create a gorgeous holographic effect to the nails, something which i will definitely be trying!!

Friday, 20 June 2014

MAC Osbournes Haul

So, i don't know about you guys but i was super excited about the release of the 'MACosbornes' collection.

I had no idea what date or time this was being released online, so i was ever so grateful when a lovely friend of mine messaged me via instagram to let me know it was live on the Debenhams website.
I was actually at work when she messaged me so it was a quick case of literally running to the toilet and hiding there until i had placed an order lol!!

I managed to grab all of Kelly's lipsticks which i knew i definitely wanted after seeing numerous swatches online.
(I seem to have misplaced 'strip poker' at the moment)

The packaging of Kelly's lipsticks are a gorgeous pearly pastel lilac colour with her signature wrote on in red, (these really remind me of the Dame Edna collection from a few years back)

I am so excited about the shades of these lipsticks and definitely feel like they were the stand out products from this whole collection.
From left to right:
Riot House (absolutely amazeballs!!!)
Kelly Yum Yum
Dodgy Girl

Just look at the pigmentation on those, and that's only one swipe of each!

I knew i was going to love these lipsticks before i received my debenhams order so i was very naughty and went to my local counter straight from work, and picked up a few back ups just in case and I'm so so glad i did!!

As far as i know everywhere is now sold out online, but i would highly suggest you check your local counter for these beauties!!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Blog sale!!


Rules are as follows:

* UK & International (International must send pay pal payments as 'gift') I email receipts of all my packages to prove i have sent them.
* Payment is via Pay Pal only. 
* If you wish to make a purchase please leave a comment with your email address so I can send a Pay Pal invoice. Please respond to the invoice within 24 hours.
* Postage and Packaging for UK is £4 & International will be quoted by what you order.

ELF Items:
Bronzer in Warm used 1x £2.50
Lipsticks in Gypsy and Sociable used 1x 50p each

Various Lipsticks and Glosses:
BN Bonne Belle £1.50
BN Essence Deep Rose £1
BN Figs and Rouge Cherry Blossom Tinted Lip Balm £3
BN LipLUSHous £1.50
BN NYC in Nude Yolk City £1.50
Jelly Pong Pong Lip Crayon used 1x £3
BN ELF Hypershine Lip gloss 50p
MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Cream in Atomic used 1x £2
Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial used 1x £4
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Pencil 2x £4
BN Helen E Lipstick in Cafe Au lait £3
BN Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plumping Lip gloss £6
BN Sleek Pout Paint in Peachy Keen £4 (SOLD)

BN Sleek Pout Polish £4
NYC Lip Slider 50p
Various Foundations:
MAC Studio Sculpt NC30 more than half left £12
MAC Select SPF NW20 more than half left £8
Rimmel Match Perfection Ivory 1/4 left £2.50 
BN Revlon Photo ready Natural Beige £7
Maybelline Better Skin Light Beige Tested 1x £5

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer and All Over Cover Stick £1 for both
BN Micabella Blush Terracotta £1
BN NV Colour Eyeshadow Crayon soft pink colour £2.50
BN LA Colours Trio £2.50
BN MONU Illuminating Primer £3
NYC Eye Palette £2.50

BN MAC RiRi Hibiscus Kiss £25 (SOLD)
BN MAC RiRi Diamonds CCB £25 (SOLD)
BN MAC RiRi Blush £25 (SOLD)
MAC Aqualine Liner £6
MAC Retro speck Shadow £8

Real Techniques Brush Case and Holder £3
BN Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara £4
BN Oceane Makeup Remover Pen £3

Sigma ss190 Foundation Brush £9

BN Jerome Alexander Magic Mineral Powder £7
Milani Baked Bronzer £4 (SOLD)

Body Lotions, Perfumes Etc:
Mariah Carey 'M' Body Lotion £4
BN Boss Orange Body Lotion £5
BN Lacoste Touch of Pink Shower Gel and Body Lotion £5 each or £8 for both.
BN Intimately Beckham Body Lotion £5
BN Kylie Minogue Darling Body Lotion £5
BN Dolce and Gabbana Body Lotion £9
BN Tree Hut Rose Hand Cream £3
BN Beyonce Heat Body Lotion £4
BN Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean £6
BN Charlie Pink Perfume 30ml £5
BN Monu Spa Hand Cream £3
BN Gamila Cleansing Bar £2

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour Body Lotion £2
Bath and Body Works Paris in Bloom Body Lotion £2
BN DKNY Be Delicious Night Body Lotion £5

BN Matrix Essentials Perm Fresh Moisture Supply (great for any hair type) £5 for both

Mixed Lot:
BN Matrix Biolage Fortifying Heat Styler £3
Bath and Body Works Wild Apple Daffodil Body Lotion £2
BN Hello Kitty for Liberty of London Eyeshadow Palettes Large £5 Small £3
OCC Lip Tar in Petty Beige (Old style packaging) £5
BN Kryolan for Glossybox Blush in Rosewood £3
BN Vera Wang Princess Lip gloss Key Chain £3
BN Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker £4
BN Famous by Sue Moxley Lip gloss (shimmer pink shade) £1
BN MEMEME Beat The Blues Highlighter £3
Givenchy Eyeshadow Pink/Purple Shade £7 (SOLD)

Nail Polishes
BN Glitter polishes Top row £1 each
Rimmel £1
BN Barry M Limited Edition Shade £2
Millennium Red Glitter 50p
Mini ELF Multi Glitter 50p
Mini OPI Pink shade No Name 50p
BN Seche Molten Metal £4
BN Wet n Wild Fergie Polish £2 (SOLD)
BN B Cosmetics Khaki £3
BN Headline Colours £2
BN The Face Shop Heart Glitter Polish £2
BN Nicole by OPi Khloe had a Lam Lam £4
BN Mini Nubar Red 50p

Brand new Juicy Couture 'peace, love and juicy couture' perfume 50ml

Brand New 'DKNY' be delicious fresh blossom perfume 30ml

BN Benefit double ended glosses
£4 each

Topshop cream blush in head over heels £4

Illamasqua lipstick in the shade brink 

Maybelline baby skin £5

Benefit porefessional £4

BN Fearne Cotton Lip glosses £2 each

BN Liberty of London for Hello Kitty lip glosses £2 each 

Replica Chanel Purse Never  Used £8

BN ELF Beauty Book 'Smokey Eye' £4

All BN
*bonnebelle clear lip gloss 50p
*bonnebelle pink lip gloss £1
*NYX Purple glitter palette £3
*MUA Shadows £1 each 
*Mini Mouse and hello kitty lip colours £1 
*MUA Juicy Lipstick £1
*ELF Powders in Honey £1 each

BN body shop Moroccan rose body butter 50ml £2
BN Hard Candy Lip gloss £1
Nail Foils £1 each
Glossybox eye mask £1

Selling each piece for £2 to keep it simple.
There is a mixture from topshop, river island, hnm, miss selfridge., new look, next etc.