Friday, 20 June 2014

MAC Osbournes Haul

So, i don't know about you guys but i was super excited about the release of the 'MACosbornes' collection.

I had no idea what date or time this was being released online, so i was ever so grateful when a lovely friend of mine messaged me via instagram to let me know it was live on the Debenhams website.
I was actually at work when she messaged me so it was a quick case of literally running to the toilet and hiding there until i had placed an order lol!!

I managed to grab all of Kelly's lipsticks which i knew i definitely wanted after seeing numerous swatches online.
(I seem to have misplaced 'strip poker' at the moment)

The packaging of Kelly's lipsticks are a gorgeous pearly pastel lilac colour with her signature wrote on in red, (these really remind me of the Dame Edna collection from a few years back)

I am so excited about the shades of these lipsticks and definitely feel like they were the stand out products from this whole collection.
From left to right:
Riot House (absolutely amazeballs!!!)
Kelly Yum Yum
Dodgy Girl

Just look at the pigmentation on those, and that's only one swipe of each!

I knew i was going to love these lipsticks before i received my debenhams order so i was very naughty and went to my local counter straight from work, and picked up a few back ups just in case and I'm so so glad i did!!

As far as i know everywhere is now sold out online, but i would highly suggest you check your local counter for these beauties!!


  1. these look stunning!!

  2. They are amazing!! I've wore riot house non stop since I got it!! Xx

  3. Im so glad that you got what you wanted and let me know when a collection is coming out that you are after because if i see it go live i will let you know where and when, i wish i had got backups of riot house and strip poker but i got extras of kelly yum yum and dodgy girl thank goodness, they are all so wow xx

    1. I'm so glad you told me about the collection Hun, because I had no idea and would probably of missed it!! I think the next collection I'm after is the Simpsons one. Not sure if any others are out before that. MAC seriously has me broke at the moment lol.