Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Hey Everyone

So ive been a little bit obsessed with my bb lately, i just recieved a new one because i dropped my last one :o(

There soo many things you can do on it so im still learning (even though ive had a bb since march lol)

So anyway, i decided to treat myself to a bling case, here it is.

Yep thats a HUGE Hello Kitty Head you see embedded in there!!
My bb seriously grows in size with this on, so im not going to use it for everyday because its just not practical, ill keep it for special occasions.

How do you all dress your bb up??

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hey Guys!!!

I thought id share my recent MUA swap haul with you.

I swapped with a wonderful, fellow UK swapper.


I swapped a perfume and asked for some LUSH goodies in return, so this is what i got.

Mrs whippy bath ballistic
Dorothy bubble bar
Lemslip soap
Bubblegum lipscrub (this smells and tasted sooo good, i love it!!!)

The swapper that i swapped with also included some nice little extras for me, i got a hello kitty stationary set, a cute pink coin purse and she also included some mini novelty bubbles for my son, which i thought was sooo nice and really thoughtful, as it means she actually took the time to read my notepad to see that i had a son.

What have you guys swapped lately???


Thursday, 16 September 2010


Im really into doing my nails at the moment (im a qualified nail tech but i gave it up a couple of years ago)
I have my nails at a really nice length at the moment and have a nice tan so reached for a bright colour polish, here is the results:

Ignore the chipped thumb, i snagged it right after i done them :o(

I picked this polish up when i was in florida last year, its called love bites nail deco and it was from rue 21 for around $3, what a bargain!!!


Just a quick message to say im so sorry i havnt updated this blog in like forever, but for the last few months ive been super busy, my little boy has started nursery, me and my partner both got new full time jobs, we went on holiday and have been sorting the house out!!

so im BACK!!! YAY!!