Thursday, 21 February 2013

Product Empties #1

So this is going to be my first ever 'Empties' post.
I'm on a mission to do these now as i literally have that much stuff to get through, i never used to like using a product up, but now i get excited about it!!

I'm going to do these posts as and when i finish products up, i probably wont be able to do them for every month as alot of people do, but seriously i just don't go through that many products in only a month!

So, lets get on with this!
Here's what i have used up recently.
8 products in total, including fragrance, bath/body products, lip balms, makeup remover wipes and even scented wax melts.

Lets take a closer look at everything.

Icare Make up remover wipes in the scent cucumber.

I purchased these from bodycare here in the UK, they retail for £1-£1.50 for 3 packs of 25 wipes
 (total bargain, right!!)
They also come in different scents, i remember seeing an orange one and another one which i think was aloe Vera.
Now i like these wipes, there dirt cheap, convenient and do the job of removing my makeup, the only thing i wasn't so keen on was the cucumber scent, but that's not a big issue and i can always try out the other scents next time.
If any of you have a bodycare near you and are looking for some makeup remover wipes i would highly recommend giving these a go!!

Maybelline baby lips in Quenched

I LOVE this lip balm, i received this from America along with the rest of the collection as these arnt available here in the UK.
Some of the baby lips are tinted but this one is just clear, the scent smells absolutely divine and its just an all round great lip balm, i love everything about these, and the packaging is also cute too.
I used this before i put any lipstick on, as its super moisturising and really hydrates my lips, i feel its makes my lipstick apply much smoother as i do suffer from chapped lips.
This bad boy also comes with SPF in, and a huge amount of product for the price.
All round great buy for me.
I'm already on the peppermint one as i write this post, lol!!

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Desire Perfume

I received this as an extra in a swap a while ago, its not full size its a handbag sized one at 7ml, its lasted me quite a while and I've really enjoyed the scent of it, I'm not too familiar with VS fragrances but i do like this one.

Palmer's Coco Butter Massage cream

I received this sample sized item in one of my bounty baby packs that i received from my midwife.
This one says its specifically for stretch marks, but i just love this brand in general, i don't think anyone can go wrong with a cocoa butter scent, i think it smells wonderful.

Scented wax melts in Blueberry Cheesecake

This is a clam shell of scented wax and you break a piece off and pop it into a tart warmer/burner.
I received this in a De-stash package from a lovely lady in the US, and have been LOVING the scent of it, its pure blueberry and scents the whole room, it has great throw and i found the scent lasted quite a long time, which is always a bonus!!

Closer look at the clam shell packaging, it comes with 6 cubes and you just break a piece off at a time.
Fabulous product and amazing scent throw.

Juicy Couture 'Couture Couture Perfume'

I received this as a gift from my boyfriend for a birthday or Christmas and have loved the scent, I'm a big juicy couture fragrance fan anyway, but i really love this scent.
This seems to have lasted me forever, and i would definitely re-purchase this scent.

Soap and Glory 'The Breakfast Scrub'

I'm a HUGE Soap and Glory fan, and have a massive collection of their stuff.
This is one of my fave items from them, its an exfoliater with oat, Shea butter and sugar in, the smell of this is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I seriously want to eat it, its that good.
I love this as an all over body scrub, particularly good for an all over exfoliation before tanning too, but i also like to use this as a face scrub, now many of you who have already tried this product will be thinking that its far too harsh for a face scrub, and although it is rather harsh i still love it for my face, but i have a trick, i mix it with the 'clean on me shower gel' so it takes alot of the harshness away, i feel like i get a really good exfoliation on my face with the two products mixed together, it just makes my face feel so fresh and clean.

Soap and Glory 'Calm one Calm all Bubble Bath'

Another fab product from the Soap and Glory Range.
This gorgeous soft pink bubble bath is absolutely lovely, it comes with a built in body lotion which i find to be super moisturising on the skin, it also has lemon balm and mallow extracts, which make this product smell amazing.

What have you guys used up lately??

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