Wednesday, 22 February 2012

March glitter swap

So I've been watching alot of videos on Youtube lately, mainly about Nails, (i am a qualified Beauty Therapist and Nail Tech) but no longer do it as a living, but lately I've really been missing doing nails, so I've decided I'm gonna get back into it.

So while i was browsing Youtube, i came across a video which is a glitter mix swap, basically you make a glitter mix that can be added to your Acrylic powder.

I have a HUGE glitter acrylic collection from EZ Flow, but thought it would be great to try other peoples mixes, so i signed up for the March Swap, it was an Easter/spring theme.

You have to send 5 mixes in, they can all be the same or different, you also have to add a little bag of nail art items with each of your mixes, send them all in, and you get 5 different mixes sent back to you.

Here's a couple of pics of the mixes i made for this swap, i chose to name mine 'Easter Explosion' but you don't have to give your mixes a name, its entirely up to you.

These are my 5 mixes all bagged up and labelled with the name of the mix and my user name, so people will know who they came from.

This is another little bag attached to the back of my mixes with the nail art items in, i included tiny bullion beads, and fimo flowers.

You simply make 5 glitter mixes, use at least 3 different glitters and package 1tsp in a plastic baggie, attach a small bag of nail art items to your mix and your done!

I also put my mixes into a slightly bigger plastic baggie, just in case any glitter comes out, so it can be saved.

Here is the link of the glitter swaps, you can read all the rules and find out exactly how it works.

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